Bespoke International Education


What is Global Village College’s unique offering?

We customise your child's personal education journey - bespoke education.

Learning is individualised to encourage your child to achieve their unique potential.

We offer two Learn Independently options, giving students the opportunity to work independently through the curriculum.  

Subject tutoring is provided by qualified teachers with years of experience and subject expertise to improve your child’s academic performance. Customise your child’s learning experience with individual or group tutoring as they require.


What does Global Village offer?

We provide customised learning solutions to prepare students for Cambridge International qualifications, utilising our revolutionary online platform and supported by our qualified and experienced academic staff.

  • We offer two options for your child to learn independently.  Choose the Key option, or build your own solution with the Custom option, to add tutoring, marking and reports according to your needs.  

Qualified teachers with decades of experience and subject expertise have prepared the online classroom for your child – providing course material, relevant video or other links and additional activities.

We offer additional support services:

  • Additional tutoring
  • Academic pathway planning consultations
  • Textbook ordering service

We encourage students to enrol in The President’s Award whilst completing their Cambridge International qualification. This makes their university application stand out from the rest.

How does the online platform work?


Design Your Unique Solution

Choose the Key option, or build your own solution with the Custom option, to add tutoring, marking and reports according to your needs.

Include additional support as you require.


Access the online platform anytime, anywhere to follow the 30 week curriculum aligned learning course.


You are supported by subject specialist tutors according to how you have customised your course.



For the Custom option, your progress can be managed with marked assignments and reports.


Progress from Primary Stage 6 and Stage 7, 8 and 9 towards Cambridge International IGCSE, AS & A Level examinations.

Enrol in the President’s Award to round off your education. This will make your university application stand out from the rest and improve your employability.

What are the technical requirements for Google Classroom?

A student needs a smart device + an internet connection + a browser. See more details here.

Can my child study from outside South Africa?

Yes, your child can access our platform wherever they are, 24/7, as long as they have an internet connection! This allows your family the flexibility for your child to learn wherever they are, as you prefer.

When can I enrol my child?

Most students start their courses in January or July every year.  Enquire to apply for admission according to your needs.

How do I enrol my child?

Find out more on the Admission page or email us: admin@globalvillageint.com.

What stage should my child enrol in?

Please see the suggested equivalent South African school grades and ages.


Can they transition from the CAPS or IEB school system?

Yes. Please see our guideline for equivalent South African school grades and ages.

What stages do you offer courses for?

We offer courses for Primary Stage 6, Stage 7, 8 and 9, International GCSE. 

We facilitate customised solutions with specialist tutors for AS/A-Level.

What subjects do you offer?

Please see our Courses page for a detailed list of subjects for each stage

How long does a course take?

Our courses are designed for completion over thirty weeks.  The completion time, however, is unique to each student.  Additional time is planned for assessments and exam preparation.  For International GCSE courses we suggest at least three months of exam preparation to achieve the best possible result.

Our course options encourage your child to work at their own pace, by providing support as required,as well as the opportunity to move through the curriculum as quickly as they want to.


What support do you offer?

We offer tutoring where we provide specialist assistance in specific subject areas to improve your child’s academic performance. Tutoring can be included for the duration of the course, for exam preparation or as required for any subject area or skill. We offer individual and group tutoring.


Where can I order textbooks?

Textbook lists are provided after registration and can be ordered from the many online shopping platforms.  We also provide a textbook ordering service for you to order textbooks at publisher’s prices.

What support should I provide to my child?

We believe, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Whilst we see our role as academic specialists, it is important that you are involved and support your child in their learning journey.

Parents can assist their child in the following ways:

  1. Provide a clear structure. Decide on the times your child will study for each subject and ensure that they stick to the schedule.
  2. Provide the necessary resources and help them organise their workspace and materials. Provide a filing system that works for your child and print their work schedule so that they can tick off the work they have completed. Please assist them to print their material if they prefer using a hard copy.
  3. Discuss their work with them and review their progress every week to make sure they understand all the work. Ask us to arrange subject specific tutoring when you see they require tutelage.
  4. Praise their effort and encourage them when they find any topic challenging. Remind them to embrace challenge and to see effort as the path to mastery.

Use Growth Mindset LANGUAGE:
Add ‘yet’ to your statement: I can’t convert decimals ‘yet’.
Tell yourself to stop when your mindset is negative. Clear your mind before continuing.
Talk to yourself as ‘you’ instead of ‘I’: You can do this!

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