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The future of our country, continent, and world rests on the shoulders of our youth. Their effectiveness will depend on their ability to articulate and lead effectively. Thus, every young person should overcome any fear or nervousness they have with public speaking, transforming them into confident orators.

Toastmasters International conducts Youth Leadership Programmes that develops these important competencies. Their programmes teach the basics of public speaking, whilst providing opportunities for leadership development in a fun and engaging manner. In the words of the founder of Toastmasters, Dr Ralph Smedly, ‘We learn best in moments of enjoyment.’

Our youth should be able to conduct professional meetings, deliver speeches that influence, motivate, inform, or entertain, know how to debate, and can listen actively. Ultimately, every young person will develop greater self-confidence through their ability to communicate their ideas and express themselves.

Please contact the local Toastmasters representative in your area.


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