Academic and Tutor Support

Specific academic and tutor support is included in the Class and Coach courses.

Our highly experienced and qualified team is passionate to see each child develop their unique potential.

The following optional additional support services are available at an additional fee:

Entry Assessments

We can assess your child’s prior learning to identify which areas have been consolidated and which areas need more development. Please see the Fees page for details.

Academic planning consultation with our Head of Educational Studies

Get the best out of your education! Align your subject choices with your interests and future career goals. Identify areas of strength and subjects needing support. Ideal for students starting Cambridge Checkpoint, International GCSE and AS Levels.

Academic Coaching

We offer additional academic coaching to guide and coach your child on their academic pathway and assist them to achieve their goals, for Class and Coach options. Please see the Fees page for details.


Subject Specific Tutoring

We can arrange additional subject specific tutoring for your child according to their individual needs, for the Class and Coach options. All our tutors are qualified and experienced in their subjects. Please see the Fees page for details.

Google Classroom

We use the collaboration-friendly Google Classroom to foster communication between tutor and student and to enable paperless sharing and digital collaboration. Please see the support articles for assistance with Google Classroom below.

Textbook Ordering Service

We offer a textbook ordering service where we can order textbooks at publisher’s prices. Please view the relevant publisher’s catalogue and price list in the documents section below. Submit your order to, quoting the title and ISBN number.