Course options

When studying through Global Village College you can select one of two methods of study. You can select to learn at your own pace or you can follow time-tabled classes.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Global Village College is pleased to offer your child the opportunity to start their pathway to acquiring a Cambridge International qualification.

If your child prefers to learn at their own pace and enjoys working independently to achieve top marks, they might be ideally suited for one of our Learn At Your Own Pace course options.

They may enrol at any time to start their academic pathway. The earlier they begin, the sooner they can start accelerating towards their career path.

Timetabled Classes

For children who prefer the structure of weekly timetabled lessons to achieve top marks, we offer the Class course option. Please complete the Expression of Interest form to indicate your interest to enrol for 2021 to secure your child’s place to get ahead.

Choose a course option that works for you.


Students start their exciting educational journey with a sound foundation to progress on their academic pathway.

Stages 7,8 & 9

Students develop further skills, knowledge and understanding as they prepare for the next stage of their education.

International GCSE

Today, International GCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds.

AS & A Level

AS & A Levels prepare students for university, work and life. A deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills is developed.


All Courses Include

  • Access to our Google Classroom digital organising and communication system.
  • 30 week blended learning course, including curriculum aligned course material, with specially designed activities, infographics, relevant video lessons and carefully selected and appropriate internet links.
  • 5 Sets of marked assignments for each subject with timely feedback by a fully qualified and experienced subject specialist tutor.
  • Practice Past papers with memorandums.
  • 3 Progress transcripts to track your child’s progress.

Academic and Tutor Support

Specific academic and tutor support is included for the Class, Coach and Course courses. 

We customise solutions for each child. Please discuss with us your support requirements to design an individual solution for your child.

We offer the real value add of including academic support according to your child’s needs.

Academic coaching is a personalised one-on-one meeting with a specialist academic coach to help your child achieve academic success. Working with an academic coach helps improve their skills and performance as they are guided to advance on their academic path and to learn smarter. Coaching is a planning and guidance and counselling process. Children are assisted with goal setting, time management and how to prepare for and approach their exams. Academic coaching is one of the best ways to personalise your child’s learning and keep them on track academically. Your child’s academic coach works closely with their subject tutor, identifying from their formative assessments those areas the tutor should focus on in each subject going forward.

Tutoring provides specialist assistance in specific subject areas to improve your child’s academic performance. Tutoring can be included for the duration of the course, for exam preparation or as required for any subject area or skill. We offer individual and group tutoring.

The following optional services are available for all courses, including Key courses:

  • Entry assessments
  • Academic Pathway planning consultations
  • Subject specific individual and group tutoring
  • Individual academic coaching
  • Textbook ordering service