Global Village College prepares students for Cambridge International qualifications to become future ready.

Choose from our range of curriculum aligned courses and academic support services to customise a unique solution for your child.


Admission is Open for 2021!

Global Village College assists your child to easily transition to online learning and to prepare for Cambridge International examinations.

We offer entrance assessments should you need help to determine the most appropriate level for your child to start.

Book an Academic Planning consultation with our Head of Educational Studies to align your child’s subject choices with their interests and future career goals. Identify areas of strength and subjects needing support. This is ideal for students starting Stage 7, 8, 9, International GCSE and AS Levels.

If your child prefers to learn at their own pace and enjoys working independently to achieve top marks, they might be ideally suited for any of our Learn at Your Own Pace course options.

For children who prefer the structure of weekly timetabled lessons to achieve top marks, we offer the Class courses option.