About Us

Global Village College (GVC) is an online learning college. We have a Student Centre in Centurion, Pretoria, where we host social events, workshops and where students and parents can receive support.

We provide a well structured, innovative, curriculum aligned programme to prepare your child to acquire the Cambridge International qualifications.

We are able to identify each child’s strengths and areas of development and provide academic coaching to help them advance towards their career path at their individual pace.

We have diverse international and local experience in education and youth development and understand the different social, emotional and learning needs children have and how to motivate them.



Educating for a better world


We educate smartly to change lives, communities and the world.

Why choose Global Village College?

We are educators at core and are passionate to empower and equip our youth with the tools, skills and intellectual character they will need to prosper and thrive in the workplace of the future. We believe we have a responsibility to develop our country’s bright young minds to be fully equipped to contribute constructively and responsibly to a sustainable world.

We pride ourselves on our personal service and we individualise learning for each child.

Our courses are competitively priced and we offer a range of choices to suit your child and your family’s situation and needs.

Our Management Team

Our mission is to provide a rigorous, adaptive and personalised learning solution which will engage students and provide them with an internationally recognised qualification.

Our management team comprises academic and research specialists with extensive educational and organisational experience. We constantly research current best practice to remain responsive to the requirements of the workplace and the marketplace and we collaborate with international experts.

Founder and Director

Tracey Howard has combined expertise in education and organisation development consultancy, which equips her to understand the human capital requirements of organisations and to facilitate solutions for today’s students who are eager to learn the skills they require to thrive in the rapidly changing and competitive global world.

Tracey holds a Masters degree in Organisation Development and Consulting from Sheffield Hallam University and a Higher Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Commerce from Stellenbosch University. Her continuing professional development includes Philosophy for Children (P4C), All Brains Don’t Think Alike and The Education of Highly Able Learners.